Calling for decision-makers to commit

We try to practice sustainability in our daily lives, but we cannot stop there. It’s difficult to live sustainably when policies make our cities and services unsustainable. Without bike lanes, it’s dangerous to bike to reduce your carbon footprint; without renewable energy for your whole city, it’s expensive for you alone to invest in solar panels for your home; with packaging on all your food, it’s hard to cut down on your plastic waste. That’s why we know that while we change our personal lives, we have to call on decision-makers to make sustainable ways of production and consumption the only ways available. We’ve joined numerous demonstrations, marches, pilgrimages, and protests around climate action and ecological issues, to publicly show with our voices and messages that we demand change.

CIDSE has written a report titled The Climate Urgency outlining the crucial position of sustainable lifestyles within systemic change to stay within 1.5C rise in global average temperatures. Our choices matter. Personal commitments send a signal to our neighbors and to our decision makers. But our choices do not matter if they stop with one person, and they do not matter without reaching society through policy.