Stories of change

The story

Stories of Change is a journey. People from different walks of life share their ideas and the steps in their personal or collective transformation towards more sustainable ways of producing and consuming food. They share with us their vision of sustainable living and how important it is to recognize that the respect for the environment must be integral, both honoring human dignity and caring for the planet that we inhabit, in every aspect of our lives.

We can all be part of the change, including you!

We live in this world and we will not have another one. It is important to preserve it to ensure the best possible living conditions for those who come after us and to realize that if we do not take care of the planet today, we are not taking care of ourselves either. It’s all connected…

Maria Meneses


With a series of ten videos, Stories of Change aims to highlight the power that people have and the role they can play in bringing about meaningful changes towards more sustainable and fair societies, by putting into place concrete alternatives. Compiled into this documentary, these examples aim to inspire citizens to take action, grow more conscious and mobilize creativity.

Watch the documentary in English, Portuguese & Spanish

What can you do and how you can get involved?

Start by taking a journey with Alfredo, Dulcineia, Weng and more, get ideas and feel encouraged to start your own path of transformation, individually and collectively.

Spread the word: hold a screening at with your family, friends or colleagues! Show them they can also be part of the change.

Take action! We all have the power to bring about the changes we and the planet so desperately seek!


The documentary Stories of Change premiered in November 2017 at  COP23 in Bonn, Germany. We do not currently foresee any other upcoming public screenings. However, the documentary is freely available online and accessible for self-organized screenings. The individual interviews from the documentary are also available on our Youtube channel.

Stories of Change was filmed and edited by Patricia Pedrosa and produced by the CIDSE Secretariat with FEC (Fundação Fé e Cooperação) in close collaboration with CIDSE members as a part of the collective CIDSE initiative Change for the Planet – Care for the People.