International Connections

Gathering to teach eachother

Since the beginning of this initiative, we have sought not just to inspire people emotionally to commit to change, but also to provide tools and knowledge on how to live sustainably. We began to organize camps and residentials where volunteers could share their initiatives and methods for living sustainably and raising public awareness of the need for sustainability. Hosted by CIDSE members, we have held camps in Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Volunteers have enjoyed days filled with workshops, presentations, spiritual communion with nature, visits to ecological and social startups, and gardening. The collective CIDSE initiative Change for the Planet – Care for the People now has a network of hundreds of volunteers who have participated in our camps. 


Supporters testimonies

I realised I can do many more actions in my life towards being sustainable and I will look at my new internhsip with the eyes of a climate and design activist to see and judge how industry is working.

Young supporters weekend (Leuven, 2021)

First of all a big thank you for the organization and the opportunity you gave me to do something so cross-cultural and wonderful. I loved the time together, getting to know far away places and different cultures. I met wonderful people. I definitely take a lot of energy home with me. I also take home the desire to do so much more, to work on the whole world. And the awareness that language is not a barrier, just an added value.

Young supporters weekend (Leuven, 2021)

I learned that I do not need to know everything nor do I need to be able to solve all the dilemmas. We have to deal with small steps.

Our Common home residential (UK, 2019)

It was really nice to share this experience with other people and take part in a big movement that fights for global justice, social justice and the climate.

COP24 (Katowice, 2018)