Energy to Change: A documentary

The Stories

Climate change is a challenge like humanity has never faced before. We use energy in every aspect of our lives, from our greatest needs to survive, like keeping medicine cool, to our greatest pleasures, like keeping ice cream cool. Energy is crucial to our work and our homes. Still, while some people are using a lot more energy than they need, others don’t have access to energy at all. Though we use energy every day, for most of us, the source of energy remains invisible, and we have to find the source and change it to renewable energy before it’s too late.

Just as great as the challenge of climate change is human ingenuity and motivation to change our way of lives. ‘Energy to Change’ follows 6 stories around the world, as different communities and individuals commit to changing their source and use of energy.

With this second documentary, the collective CIDSE initiative Change for the Planet – Care for the People aims to bring to light the power that people have and the role they can play in bringing about meaningful changes towards more sustainable and fair societies. People are putting into place concrete alternatives, and communities are struggling to take back control of energy projects that impact them. Compiled into this documentary, these examples aim to inspire citizens to take action, grow more conscious, and use their resourcefulness

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