Inspire Change: Photo Exhibition

Photographing Change

The Inspire Change Photo Exhibition gathers a selection of the best photos from the Inspire Change Photo Competition 2017. The photos capture the stories of people around the world taking action to care for our planet and the people living in it through sustainable models of consumption and production of food and energy. These are examples of the many innovative ways in which citizens are the key drivers of the change and the transition towards fairer and more sustainable societies, taking into account people’s lives and planetary boundaries.

The photo exhibition was first inaugurated in June 2017. They are now available for the use of the CIDSE network. If you wish to organise a local public exhibition of the Stories of Change photos, you can contact Giorgio Gotra at to receive the materials and guidelines of use and to schedule a period in the booking calendar.

Name: Alexandre DegakiCountry: Japan | Caption: Sunrise in Shamane-Ken, Japa

Name: Géneviève Thibault
Country: Canada
Caption: These are Lise and Carol. They are my family farmers who deliver me directly at home a biological meat basket every three months. The short circuit allowed me to develop a direct link with my meat producers avoiding any intermediary. I’m happy to encourage eco-responsible people in my area who care about the welfare of their animals, I save money and I contribute to reducing greenhouse gases. Indeed, the short circuit greatly reduces the route between the farm food and my dining room.

Name: Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
Country: Bangladesh
Caption: In Gabura Island, a woman is talking over the phone with her family, powered by solar energy connected to her home.

Name: Micael Luz Amaral
Country: Brazil
Caption: Mr. Carlos grows coffee plants in his backyard, in Ibicoara, Brazil., with no environmental impact and strengthens the family farming economy.

Name: Luisa Riekes
Country: United Kingdom
Caption: The photograph depicts the garden of a sustainable community living – since 2010 – near to the Heathrow airport, in London. The community plants part of the food they consume and in addition to that, they use only sustainable energy, such as solar panels and wood as a source of energy for bathing and cooking. The community runs workshops on sustainable energy and on how to plant their own food among other things, trying to engage and pass their knowledge on to their neighbors. Living very close to central London makes the community even more interesting: as an oasis that, in my point of view, should be very well preserved.

Name: David Costa
Country: Canada
Caption: The volunteers of the Ahuntsic-Cartierville eco-neighborhood in Montreal get together to grow and produce around 1800 varieties of organic vegetables every year.

Name: Ahmad Al-Bazz
Country: Palestine
Caption: A Palestinian shepherd watches his sheep in Salem village, West Bank, Palestine.

Name: Andrea Hinterleitner
Country: Austria
Caption: Self-grown vegetables and fruit from my terrace, this way I avoid to buy tropical fruits or products that are transported by ship and plane.

Name: Arthur Roessle
Country: Brazil
Caption: Mr. João plants and produces organic coffee in the region with no agrochemicals that weaken the soil. Today, after many years, Mr. João’s coffee is one of the best in the region.



Name: Priscilla Rodrigues
Country: Brazil
Caption: A floating island in the Brazilian Amazon survives with the capture of solar energy, which is stored inside the aluminum enclosures ensuring distribution of energy to the village.



Name: Rita Almeida da Costa
Country: Brazil
Caption: The protection of seeds by the Guarani indigenous people in Brazil is a long-standing tradition, preserving their culture and livelihoods.

Name: Rabin Chakrabarti
Country: India
Caption: After their long day of cultivation, the farmers go back to their homes, which will provide them enough food, energy and a sustainable life.

Name: Sébastien Pins
Country: Belgium
Caption: A bee-keeper and his grandson look towards the horizon as the sun-sets. Image taken in the Ardennes, Belgium.

Name: Fergal Anderson
Country: Ireland
Long Caption: We started our farm 5 years ago and have produced a lot of food since…We run a Community Supported Agriculture project, go to the local market and supply a restaurant. Nature is incredibly abundant when given the right care and attention. In Ireland the end of the summer is always an amazing time as so much work is coming to fruition. Here the onions are drying in the tunnel and the tomatoes are ripe… Manu is watering some plants at the entrance. We’ve managed to make a livelihood for ourselves out of producing food for our community, and it’s very rewarding!

Name: Maria Segarra
Country: Spain
Long Caption: The picture shows how to save energy through the use of LED bulbs, which consume 20% less energy than what would consume with a normal light bulb. In addition, there has also been a process of reuse because it is an old lamp that has been painted with ecological paint without chlorine instead of buying a new one. Yet, in general, we must remember to reduce the energy we consume.